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Nautical Summer Style: Striped Handbags

With warmer weather comes the desire to head outside. From picnics to beach trips to boat outings, you’ll likely need a larger bag than your regular daily handbag, especially if you have kids. When trying to decide on your summer bag, think about a striped handbag to get you through the summer in style.

Stripes lend an instant air of style to any bag, and when you choose stripes of just two alternating colors, your bag takes on a nautical look. A nautical bag is perfect for toting around during the warmer months, when seaside or lakeside activities are popular.

Striped Handbag Medium Travel Tote - Red/White

When choosing a striped handbag, consider how sturdy it is, as summer bags will get a lot of wear and tear. The Striped Medium Travel Tote from Michael Kors is made with excellent craftsmanship of canvas with leather trim. Choose from either red and white or yellow and white stripes. Either color will go well with classic capris or Bermuda shorts this summer, or even cut-off jean shorts for a casual look as you run errands around town. Your striped handbag also needs to be big enough to carry drinks to the beach, or sunscreen and kids’ toys to the pool. The Michael Kors tote fits that need with one main compartment to stow your belongings.

If the bright yellow or red stripes are too bold for your taste, consider the elegant understated look of the Fossil Austin Shopper Tote Bag in grey and white stripes. Also made of canvas with leather trim, the Austin tote is about the same size as the Michael Kors bag, with a large main compartment. The soft structure of this bag is perfect for more relaxed outings when looking crisp and pulled together takes a back seat to being comfortable and at ease. You’ll still look stylish, however.

Austin Shopper Tote Bag - Grey Striped Handbag

Choosing a striped purse as your summer style go-to bag is ideal because it’s practical, fashionable, and big enough to carry all your summer essentials with style.

Which striped tote from our collection would you choose for your summer outings?

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